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Printing Roster Labels

Tired of writing out team rosters on score sheets? Roster labels are a quick and easy way to save time and produce legible score sheets.

The label on the left is from a Microsoft Word template. Click on the link to the Word file below, fill out the template with your own team information, and you'll be ready to go.

Thanks to Joe Sinner for setting up the template.

Microsoft Word Template for Roster Labels


Instructions from Joe

I use Avery label 8163, which has ten 2" x 4" labels per page. Most teams
use one that is a little shorter than what I use -- maybe 2" x 3". I like
the longer one because it allows room for coaches' CEP numbers, manager's
phone, etc.....all the things that are supposed to be added below the

1. Select everything in the first label (everything within a single label can be selected by tabbing (or back-tabbing) to that label....or you can select text by the standard method).

2. Under Format, you should have "Text Direction"...select it and select the standard orientation that allows you to read and edit it most easily. When you do this, some of the text will be below the label edge, and you won't be able to see it. Change the font size to 4, then zoom in to 200% so you can actually see it again!

3. Edit as necessary.

4. Select the whole group again, zoom back to 75/100%, change the font back
to 8, and reformat the text direction.

5. With the whole group hopefully still selected, copy, then tab to the
other labels and paste over your new info.

Option 2
( My copy of Windows did not have a font which dropped down to 4pt, so I came up with another option which worked for me. -- Rob.)

1. Select everything in the first label and copy it.

2. Open a new document in Word and paste the label in. The text will flow horizontally instead of vertically.

3. Edit the label.

4. Copy the label, return to the label template, and paste it so that it replaces the template text. Do that for each label.


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